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Amanda Hattaway
Chair of Applied Mathematics
Ira Allen 319 | 617-989-4368

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Spring 2016 Applied Math Competitions

Presentation Competition: Tuesday, March 15th from 8:00am-5:00pm (Sign up for one hour time slots)

Integration Bee: Thursday, March 17th beginning at 3:30pm in Ira Allen Forum

Six prizes will be awarded*, one for each Competition Option (see below).

  • First Place: $200 gift card
  • Second Place: $100 gift card
  • Third Place: $50 gift card

 The competition is open to all undergraduate degree students at Wentworth Institute of Technology.

To sign up, use the links below:

  • or
    • All contestants MUST Register by 6:00pm on Monday, March 14th to compete in the Presentation Competition. You will sign up for a particular one hour time slot. This competition will be limited to no more than the first 16 interested participants. Winners will be notified and asked to present their solutions during a math club meeting.
    • All contestants must submit their names by 6:00pm on Wednesday, March 16th to compete in the Integration Bee
    • You can sign up for both competitions, but the winners of the Presentation Competition will not be considered for the finals of the Integration Bee.  
  • If you have any questions, contact:

Competition Option Descriptions:

Integration Bee: Remember how spelling bees work? This is a similar style of competition. There may be an initial written elimination round to select 27 finalists, then 5 question rounds of three people competing head-to-head at a time. The top three winners will compete round-robin style to determine final places. 

Presentation Competition: A progressively harder related series of mathematical logic puzzles which require no particular math background. You are not expected to solve all of them, and will have about 40 minutes to think through your solution before you explain it. You will present your solution to a judge or two, and if selected for a prize, will present your solution during a math club meeting.

*Close relatives of faculty members of the Applied Mathematics are not eligible.

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