What makes WIT unique?

Laptop Program

Did you know that Wentworth provides all first year students with a brand new laptop? The cost of the laptop is included in tuition. Each laptop is outfitted with the complete suite of software used in the student’s academic program. Students will keep their assigned laptop as they progress though the program from year-to-year, a scheduled period to receive a new laptop and turn in the originally assigned laptop generally occurs during a students’ junior year. Once the student graduates they keep their laptop. For more information, please visit the Laptop Program Website.

Co-op Education at Wentworth

At Wentworth, the cooperative education program is an essential component of every student’s learning experience. Wentworth is one of the few co-op programs required for graduation-with all undergraduates completing at least two co-op terms in their field of interest. The Cooperative education is an educational strategy integrating classroom learning and productive work experience. Students are provided learning opportunities where they can apply classroom knowledge in professional settings. With co-op integrated into the curriculum students also bring their workplace learning back into the classroom. As a result of Wentworth student’s co-ops, Wentworth students graduate with a deeper understanding of their field and significant experience that shape their future career paths. The average starting salary for 2012 graduates is $51,564. For more information, please visit the Co-op Program Page.

Women at Wentworth

Wentworth welcomes females into all of our programs. In fact the first female president of Wentworth, Zorica Pantic, was inaugurated on April 5, 2006. Nationally females are underrepresented in many of the majors that Wentworth offers. However, there are many national foundations that are encouraging bright young women all over the world to consider careers in science, engineering and technology. Wentworth also offers special admissions events for accepted female students to visit the campus for an overnight stay. Wentworth women are problem-solvers, team builders, and work to develop employable skills. They are excited to take on the careers they are striving for. To learn more about what it means to be a female at Wentworth from the prospective of Wentworth’s President, female students, alumni and faculty please check our Women at Wentworth brochure.

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