Michael T. Anthony ’82, ‘84
Executive Vice President, Cambridge Semantics Inc.

Vice Chairman
Michael Masterson
Chairman and CEO, ALD NanoSolutions, Inc.

Kenneth D. Roberts
Past Chairman, Candela Corporation

Christine Keville
President and CEO, Keville Enterprises, Inc.

Zorica Pantić, EE, Ph.D.
President, Wentworth Institute of Technology

  • John “Jack” W. Blaisdell ’70, ‘72
    Past Vice President and Chief Engineer, United Parcel Service
  • Jerome “Jerry” Casey
    President and Chief Operating Officer, Sekisui Diagnostics, LLC
  • George W. Chamillard ’58, ’97 (Hon.)
    Past CEO and Chairman, Teradyne, Inc.
  • Michael J. Corbett
    Director of Finance and Corporate Services, The Penta Building Group
  • Daniel T. Flatley
    Trustee, The Flatley Foundation
  • Stephen F. Fusi, CFA, CFP ’72, ‘74
    Senior Wealth & Investment Advisor, New Wealth Advisors, LLC
  • Phillip R. Hooper ’58, ’10 (Hon.)
    Past Vice President and Operations Manager, FM Global
  • Ryan E. Hutchins ’96, ‘98
    Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, Gilbane Building Company
  • Gregory B. Janey '92, ‘04
    Principal, Janey Construction Management and Consulting, Inc.
  • Wayne C. Johnson
    Assistant Vice President for Institute Corporate Relations, California Institute of Technology
  • David W. Kruger ’04 (Hon.)
    Past Senior Vice President, Bank of Boston
  • Howard V. Levine, AIA ’72, ’74, ’06 (Hon.)
    Principal, Cramer Levine & Company Architects, P.C.
  • Ivana Magovčević-Liebisch, Ph.D., J.D.
    Senior Vice President, Head of Global Development, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.
  • Gary J. Miller ‘77
    President, Wentworth Alumni Association; Executive Vice President and COO, NELCO
  • Robert “Bob” Murray
    President, BOND
  • Keith J. Peden (Hon.)
    Senior Vice President, Raytheon Company
  • Donald E. Pogorzelski ’06 (Hon.)
    Past President, Genzyme Diagnostics
  • Sylvia T. Price ’89
    Director of Presales Solutions, Pitney Bowes Software, Inc.
  • Clayton Turnbull
    CEO, The Waldwin Group
  • Michele A. Whitham, Esq.
    Partner, Foley Hoag LLP


  • Jeffrey Altschuler, ‘84
    Founder and CEO, Altronics Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Jacob K. Baron, J.D., ‘98
    Senior Counsel, Holland & Knight, LLP
  • David Blittersdorf, ‘77
    President and CEO, AllEarth Renewables
  • Edward A. Bond, Jr., FSMPS, FCMAA, LEED AP ’09 (Hon.)
    Chairman and CEO, BOND
  • Robert A. Booker ‘75
    President, R.A. Booker Builders, Inc.
  • Robert W. Boyden ‘52, ’58, ‘98 (Hon.)
    Past President and Treasurer, Boyden Molding, Inc.
  • Gerald M. Campbell ‘57
    Past Vice President and General Manager, GTE Telecom International
  • Rosemarie A. Conti, ’92, ’09, ‘12
    Director of Select Projects Group, BOND
  • William G. Creelman ‘64
    Past Vice President, A.J. Martini, Inc.
  • John J. Curtis ‘86
    President, Curtis Construction Company, Inc.
  • Dana A. DeMatteo ’83, ‘85
    Senior Project Manager, Lee Kennedy Company, Inc.
  • Mark Denman, ‘89
    Vice President of Construction, Boston Properties
  • Paul E. Doherty
    Vice President, Hospitality, Shawmut Design and Construction
  • Terence G. Dougherty '78, '80
    Executive Director, Health Systems Transformation, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • William H. Flanagan ’51, ’11 (Hon.)
    Past President and Chairman, Nexus, Inc.
  • Jocelyn Frederick
    Principal, Tsoi/Kobus & Associates
  • Paul A. Guarracino ‘72
    President and Founder, J.M. Electrical Co., Inc.
  • Martin “Marty” Guyer ‘64 , ’12 (Hon.)
    Certified Insurance Consultant, MDG Associates of CT, LLC
  • Gary C. Johnson, AIA ‘72
    Principal, Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc.
  • Brian-Keith Jones ’93, ‘95
    Manufacturing Engineer, Bose Corporation
  • James “Jim” Joyce ‘79
    CEO, Officeworks
  • Sharon Jozokos, LEED AP ’92, ‘93
    Project Executive, Suffolk Construction Company
  • Douglas “Doug” J. Karam ’79, ‘83
    President, KV Associates
  • Michael Kearns, ’87, ‘89
    Director of Project Management, Renovations, and Capital Renewal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • John D. Kelleher ’61
    Past Senior Vice President, Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc.
  • Deborah W. Keller ’93
    Principal Engineer/Project Manager, McKenzie Engineering Group, Inc.
  • Lawrence “Larry” LaFreniere
    President, Electric Supply Center
  • Daniel P. Lanneville ‘95, ‘97
    Senior Project Manager, SKANSKA USA Building Inc.
  • Daniel G. Larson ’60
    Past Chairman and President, Larson Tool and Stamping Co.
  • W. Boyd Leslie '58
    Vice President of Sales, MicroTek, Inc.
  • John M. Lynch ’80, ‘83
    Senior Vice President, Staples, Inc.
  • Stefania Nappi Mallett
    CEO, ezCater, LLC
  • Michael Maltzan, FAIA ’10 (Hon.)
    Founder and Principal, Michael Maltzan Architecture, Inc.
  • Irene F. McSweeney ’83, ’85, ‘88
    Director of Construction, Boston Water and Sewer Commission
  • John M. Milone, P.E. ’71, ‘74
    President, Milone & MacBroom, Inc.
  • Clarke Casey Nickerson ’72, ‘74
    Past President, Spinnaker Contract Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Michael J. O’Dowd, ’87, ’89
    Bridge Project Development Engineer and Supervising Project Manager for Major Projects, Massachusetts Department of Transportation
  • Edward J. O’Leary ’48, ’06 (Hon.)
    General Partner, Development Associates
  • David B. Perini ’07 (Hon.)
    Past Commissioner, Division of Capital Asset Management, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Ronald P. Ritucci, D.M.D.
    Retired Orthodontist, Ritucci Friedman Orthodontics
  • Richard D. Sheridan, Sr. ’55
    Past President, Gateway Equipment Corporation
  • David J. Simm ‘59
    Past President and CEO, Doncasters, PLC
  • John “Jack” F. Smith ’58, ’89 (Hon.)
    Past Senior Vice President, Digital Equipment Corporation
  • Lawrence Sorgi ‘73
    President, Worksmart Systems, Inc.
  • Al Spagnolo, AIA ‘70
    Founding Partner, Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, Inc.
  • Carole C. Wedge, AIA LEED ’04 (Hon.)
    President, Shepley Bulfinch Richardson & Abbott
  • Sinclair Weeks, Jr. ’86 (Hon.)
    Chairman and CEO Emeritus, Reed and Barton Foundation, Inc.
  • Paul W. Weiss ’85, ’87, ‘88
    Senior Manager, "Unleash the Labs", Rational software, IBM Software Group
  • John D. Wise ’88, ‘90
    President, Wise Construction Corporation

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